About the project

Everyone can fold paper crane; it is small and takes only a few minute of their time…but we collected more than three thousand of them! Can you imagine how beautiful and powerful decoration will be on the Children’s hospital walls with 3000 paper cranes together? We are sure it will brighten up the hospital wall.

Visit the origami art exhibition at level 1 Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. 22 Sept - 25 Nov 2011

Thank you for posted your love in the shape of paper cranes.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mayu's origami works

Mayu's origami works
Price range from $70 to $320.
Everyone loves her elephants - origami safari series.
The background are her original photos.


Midori's origami works

Midori's Origami works at the exhibition.
Price range from $50 to $220. All beautifully framed.


Origami Panels

(Photos by Midori)

24 Large and 14 small origami panels are for sale.
Large - $100 each, Small - $75 each
All the profit will go to Sydney Children's hospital.

パネル(大)一枚100ドル パネル(小)一枚75ドル
売り上げの利益はすべて シドニー子供病院へ寄付されます。早い者勝ち!!

Origami artists from Melbourne

Will & Caro, international origami artists from Melbourne sent us their paper cranes on Thursday - the day before the hanging by mail. You made it!!


Philip C and Adam C's Zen origami

(photos by Midori)

Big thanks to Adam from Sydney Children's Foundation and Philip from Louis Vuitton for folding paper cranes for the exhibition.
I am sure that they enjoyed folding their first ever paper cranes at the workshop.
You can see these very neat & beautiful zen origami at the exhibition. They are for sale, $75 each and all the profit will go to Sydney Children's Hospital.


Mayu's photo works

(Photo by Midori)
Photographer, Mayu Kataoka took countless number of photos for this project.
I always amazed and delighted to see Mayu's fantastic photography skill.
We should make a book about this project with her beautiful photos one day.
Both framed photographs are for sale at the exhibition. $300 each.


LV - Origami Symphony

(Photo by Midori)

"LV-Origami Symphony" designed by Midori
Big thanks to more than 50 people from Louis Vuitton Australia who came to the workshop and folded over 300 paper cranes using their magazine.
Midori wants to create music theme with paper cranes.
It is made with 5 panels. Each panels are $100. All the profit will go to Sydney Children's Hospital.

“ルイヴィトンーおりがみシンフォニー” ファーズみどりのデザイン.

LV-Wings of Love

(Photo by Mayu Kataoka)

This is an amazing photo taken by Mayu.
The paper cranes were made by people from Louis Vuitton.
Framed photography is for sale at the exhibition. $300

Trevor's artwork

(photo by Midori)

"Essence #1 - Love" Artwork by Trevor Tyne $288
You will be surprised if you find out how he folded and created this artwork.
The white centre shelves were made by only folding a large paper. No scissors.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Opening Thursday 22 Sept

(photo by Mayu)

(Photo by Midori)

"....Mayu and I started working on the project in January this year. Since then I carried origami paper in my bag everywhere and asked people to fold paper cranes in many occasions. We ran more than 20 workshops in many different places.

We have met countless wonderful origami lovers. It was always a pleasure to see the big smiles on people’s faces who made paper cranes for their first time.

We believe that everyone can fold a paper crane – it is small and takes only a few minutes of their time, but 3000 of them together on the wall become a beautiful and a very powerful decoration.

Mayu and I would like to thank our families, friends, people from Louis Vuitton, Sydney Children’s Hospital, the Hospital School, the Hospital Foudation, and everyone who contributed their time and folded paper cranes for the project.

Big and special thanks to Roxanne and Martha for their endless support. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you." - Midori Furze, the opening night speech.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Giant Origami crane has arrived at Sydney Children's Hospital

(Photo by Mayu)

A giant origami crane, folded by Manly artist, Angela van Boxtel has arrived at Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick.
A giant crane is one of 3000 paper cranes which were folded for the exhibition, "Fold with Love - 1000 paper cranes"
The opening will be on Thursday 22 Septemeber, 5.30-7.30pm.

Solly's work

Year 10 student, Solomon F's work "Into the blue" 76 x 45cm $500

“This artwork is a result of boredom in the classroom. When I was in year 7 during a maths class, a Japanese friend taught me to make a paper crane. For the next year or so, I obsessively made paper cranes during all my classes. I used whatever scraps of paper I could find. Some teachers didn’t like me doing it, so I learnt to make them under the desk without looking. I stored them all in my locker and at my last count there were 930, although I have added to that number since."

Forestville Montessori School

(Photo by Midori)

Huge thanks to Forestville Montessori School!!
Martha from Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation has made many beautiful paper cranes mobiles.
Today Mayu and Midori have found that one of the mobiles was made with paper cranes from Forestville Montessori School.

Dear Forestville Montessori School
Thank you very much for sending your love in the shapes of paper cranes. They are beautiful. We specially love a tiny paper crane. Please forgive us for our late response.
Hope you can visit the Sydney Children's Hospital level 1 to see all the paper cranes on the wall.
Please forgive us for our late response.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LOVE - in many shapes and many languages

(Photo by Midori)

"Love" mixed media on canvas 91x91cm $900
This is one of my favourite work for the exhibition.
I made 200 small paper cranes for creating a love heart. There are a lot of "Love" in many different languages.

Folders of this week

Big thanks to Linda for organising an origami workshop at Serendipity Fair Trade Shop.

Thank you for folding paper cranes.

Louis Vuitton Origami Workshop

(Photograph by Mayu)

Big thank you to Louis Vuitton for inviting Mayu and Midori to the origami workshop.
Thank you Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation for organising it with Louis Vuitton.
More than 50 people folded over 300 paper cranes!! Fantastic!!

Please send us the list of helpers' names. We would like to put them on this blog.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Folders of this week

(Photo by Lisa Furze)

(Photos by Midori)

Open Studios at North Head Sanctuary, Manly Australia.
It was lovely location to work with origami.
We also run a free origami workshop using old magazines and flyer.

Thank you for folding paper cranes.
Most of the time, we forgot to ask their names...


Big thanks to Cheralyn, Rachel, Robynne, many Manly Environment centre volunteers and Harbour trust.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Window Display in Manly

(Photo by Midori)

You can see our Origami display at Rouge Window in Manly.
The shop has just been emptied last week and we were asked to use the space to decorate with origami.
I used an old book, it said "Christmas 1940" and my father in law's name. I placed it inside the old birdcage. I folded some paper cranes out of some pages.

Big thanks to Angela and Meegan from Manly Centre Management to organise to let us use the space.
35 Sydney Rd Manly

Folders of this week

Thank you for folding paper crane, Julie!!