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Everyone can fold paper crane; it is small and takes only a few minute of their time…but we collected more than three thousand of them! Can you imagine how beautiful and powerful decoration will be on the Children’s hospital walls with 3000 paper cranes together? We are sure it will brighten up the hospital wall.

Visit the origami art exhibition at level 1 Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick. 22 Sept - 25 Nov 2011

Thank you for posted your love in the shape of paper cranes.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Solly's work

Year 10 student, Solomon F's work "Into the blue" 76 x 45cm $500

“This artwork is a result of boredom in the classroom. When I was in year 7 during a maths class, a Japanese friend taught me to make a paper crane. For the next year or so, I obsessively made paper cranes during all my classes. I used whatever scraps of paper I could find. Some teachers didn’t like me doing it, so I learnt to make them under the desk without looking. I stored them all in my locker and at my last count there were 930, although I have added to that number since."

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